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Sound mind, sound body.

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Let's join forces against the common enemy!

Let's try to overcome the power of a virus enemy by our responsible physical activity and lifestyle. Let's strive together for better physical and mental health while acting according to the current rules and regulations. We can all benefit from the #virtualmovement!

Individually, but together!

Thank you for joining us. How many of us are there now?

* Source: WHO database, Czech and Slovak information sources. Updated once a day.
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Join us and follow the rules!

Support our idea of ​​an active approach and responsibility for your physical and mental health. Certainly, in accordance with the rules and regulations currently in force. Awareness is in place, respect is important, let's fight the fear! Get motivated by a reward and/or help us to get support from our Partners.


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How are we doing so far?

Join and increase your physical and mental fitness and body resistance in a thoughtful way.

Name Sport Club/ company Country Message for the VIRus
Kasanický Michal Cyklistika Slovakia
Čechová Markéta Čechová Běh Czech Republic
Lišivka Viktor beh Slovakia Chcem súťažiť!
Tereštík Matúš Slovakia
Salák Michal Beh DĽJ Slovakia
Siebeltová Veronika Běh Czech Republic
Verlík Jan Verlík Běh Czech Republic
Stebel Ondřej Běh Czech Republic
Hric Marcel Cyklistika CykloŠpak team Slovakia
Pešek Pavel triatlon SBR TRI-TEAM LITOMYŠL Czech Republic Nechť se ti tvé mutace povedou a dokážeš žít společně s námi.
Szabo Miroslav Beh BioTatry Slovakia Nech zvíťazí silnejší
Krajčík Michal Krajčík Orientačný beh KOB ATU Košice Slovakia

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