Why? The reason we do this:

Faced with the fact that the current situation will not be a matter of days and perhaps weeks:

1. We would like to help:

all athletes and active people to increase their physical and mental fitness and resistance of the organism (adaptation capacity) by their well-thought-out and “smartly controlled” activity.

2. We are watching (with concern):

the tendency of many people to remain in closed rooms, in absolute physical inactivity, with abundant food supplies, glued to the TV screens or to social networks spewing continuous information about the number of people infected all over the world, causing fear and panic.

3. We are taking very seriously:

current situation. We just want to support and help people in the belief that a responsible approach is needed to stay reasonably active and contribute to dispelling the most serious concerns. All in accordance with the rules and regulations currently in force.


Therefore, we support the effort to have accurate, relevant and timely information. We ask for thoughtfulness and respect. We are facing mass fear and despair, but we will overcome it together.

Together we can do it!

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